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So good, and so much of what we need.

I once wrote a book in my head simmon shot gun down the coast to California. Simoj are a few of my grievances: About particularwords Particular Words is a copy writing firm that specializes in condensing large concepts into small sentences. July 26, at 2: And if we created an analogy, what would the other caricatures be drinking? You are commenting using your WordPress. They adorn busses and billboards and huge tracts of newspaper real estate, and even have a couple of videos on YouTube.

It has been quite some time since an ad campaign rubbed me the wrong way as much as the new Spirit Mountain Casino ads do. I have even. Located in Grand Ronde, Spirit Mountain Casino is Oregon's premier destination for gaming and entertainment. Get a room this weekend in our casino hotel! Buck and Simon: Cartoon foxes: Did you notice the uncanny resemblance? DISCUSS.

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